The Best Pore Minimizers (2022 Reviews)

Looking for an easy, quick way to improve the look of your skin? Aren’t we all! Today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret, and that is: minimizing pores. Yep, it’s true! Minimize big pores, and you’ll a more youthful, fresh look in moments.

So, how do you achieve it?

Through one of the best pore minimizers! Keep on scrolling!

The 5 Best Pore Minimizer For 2022

Nylea Blackhead Remover MaskPeel-Off MaskHelps to clear up acne/blackheads, features safe ingredients, reduces appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, great for oily skin, minimizes pores
Aztec Secret Indian Healing ClayClayExcellent budget product, known as “the world’s most powerful facial”, 100% natural, made of calcium clay, no additives/fragrances/animal products
Skinfood Egg White Foam CleanserCleanserGreat for sensitive or oily skin, feels wonderful, easy to rinse off, one of the top Korean skincare brands, unique product, tightens pores and increases skin’s elasticity
Level Rose Rose Water Facial Toner (Editor’s Pick)Rose WaterAll-natural product/organic, works with all skin types, alcohol-free, no oily feeling, no artificial fragrances/glycerin, shrinks pores, restores skin
TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C SerumSerumBoosts collagen production, reduces appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, improves tone of skin, shrinks pores, natural/plant-based, easy to apply

As you can see, the best pore minimizers aren’t just one type of product. That’s where many people start having trouble trying to find the best one for them, because they just assume pore minimizers are toners, or face masks, when in reality, they come in an array of forms! Keep on scrolling, where you’ll find our unbiased, in-depth reviews about each of them!

Nylea Blackhead Remover Mask – Best Peel Off Product

best pore minimizing products for oily skin

About the Product

Are you feeling frustrated with large pores, and perhaps even clogged pores? You’re not the only one. In fact, clogged pores and large pores often go together!


The “clog” can enlarge pores, and if you by chance have large pores that are clean, they have a higher risk of trapping dirt and oil, resulting in blackheads!

If this is your case, we can’t recommend the Nylea Blackhead Remover Peel Off Mask, enough. What it is, is a peel-off charcoal mask. You’ve probably seen some funny or even completely painful videos on social media featuring these masks. We promise that these aren’t crazy painful, but they do work!

After all, there is a reason people are buying them!

So, what’s so fabulous about it?

If you have blackheads, you probably already know how hard they can be to remove. They’re stubborn, and they don’t want to leave the comfort of their pores! Squeezing is the absolute last thing you should do, as they can make pores even larger, or cause scarring if you’re really aggressive! You could go see a professional, but an easier solution for many is to do this in the comfort of their own home.

This is where the peel-off mask comes in. It works to keep skin clean, free from blackheads and other impurities and leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

As you probably have already seen, there are tons of charcoal peel-off masks out there. However, very few are going to work as well as the Nylea mask.

As with many peel-off masks, this one right here features activated charcoal as the main ingredient. If you’re not familiar with the other AC, then allow us to enlighten you:

It works to remove impurities and blackheads, while also regulating oil production. Many products just strip the skin of essential oil while also getting rid of the excess, which actually is worse for your skin.

It also helps to prevent future acne from popping up, as well as fading any age/sun spots after continued use. The action of peeling it off works to pull out stubborn dirt and bacteria overgrowth even in the deeper layers of the skin.

Our Experience

best pore minimizing products

To be honest, we were about to give up with peel-off masks. Yep, it’s true! The reason why is because they all seemed to be all talk, with no action. We were beginning to think they were all gimmicks until we came across Nylea.

While it does work, it is a bit painful; particularly around the area around the nose and eyes. You’ll definitely want to do this slowly, as well, as you don’t want to break any capillaries by being aggressive. Try to peel from the outside, towards the center of your face. We also found that if you can pull it in a downward motion while doing this, it helps draw out more impurities, rather than just the little hairs on your face.

So, how did we look afterward?

Well, at first, a bit red-in-the-face due to the stress the pulling caused, but it was nothing too serious.

It did take out quite a bit of nastiness from our pores, without leaving them looking like gaping holes after we were done. After all, we’re here to find pore minimizers, not maximizers, right?

Our skin also felt silky-smooth after removing the mask, which was nice. Overall, our skin looked kind of matte and natural, and after a few uses, we did see an improvement in skin tone and evenness.

As the mask does improve blood flow, it helps in the regeneration of new cells, which just makes skin appear more youthful, fresh, and soft!

Oh, and did we mention the price is just right?

Not only is the price tag low, the price per application is super low, as you just need a bit to cover the entire face! If you’re looking for a great solution to improve the look and health of your skin, but don’t want to invest a lot in a product you’ve never used before, make sure to really look into the Nylea!

What We Loved

  • Very affordable
  • Regulates oil, prevents future breakouts
  • Pulls out blackheads and other impurities
  • Shrinks pores, while keeping them clean
  • Only a small amount of product is needed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Somewhat messy if you’re not careful
  • Can be a bit painful

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – Best All Natural Product

best pore minimizing cream

About the Product

Not only known as one of the best pore tightening products out there, but also one of the best overall products for your skin, the Aztec Indian Healing Clay is really something special.

It may seem too basic to be true, but we’re here to tell you you need to stick around for this!

Made of 100% natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, the mask is often toted as the “world’s most powerful facial”. Don’t be too scared, though! It’s not going to be painful – rather, think of it as a spa-like experience where you’ll never want to go back to using other masks.

Unlike most facials, this best pore minimizer mask extremely affordable. In fact, we’ve heard of people’s jars lasting them for years, and that’s with regular use!

The deep pore cleanser/tightener does not contain any additives, fragrances, nor animal products, so if you are vegan/vegetarian, or just care about how the products we use affect our planet, then press forward!

It is, in our experience, good for all skin types, however, it’s essential to note that if you do have sensitive skin, that you never leave the mask on for longer than 5-10 minutes, as it can cause redness, drying, and even itching.

Our Experience

Let’s get the “cons” out of the way, first.

While we absolutely adored this pore minimizer mask, it is without-a-doubt the most messy, time-consuming product we’ve come across! We’re going to go out on a limb here and say if you run on a tight schedule, or perhaps have kids or pets that get into everything, you may want to keep this one high up where no one can reach it, or may want to find something “easier” to apply.


Well, it doesn’t come “ready to use”. Rather, you receive the clay in a powder form, and when you’re ready to use it, you’ll mix one part powder to one part water. Mix it together in a separate container, until it becomes a smooth, cool paste. Apply a thick layer to your face (we recommend placing special attention on the nose, forehead, and cheek area around the nose).

good pore minimizing product

Keep it on for 10-20 minutes, depending on your skin type and your skin’s situation, and then wash it off. It isn’t the easiest to wash off, as the clay will want to stick to your skin, but keep at it.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to how amazing Aztec is.

After about a week of use, we noticed our pores had shrunk immensely. Honesty, we were surprised at how well it had worked. Not only that, but our skin was softer, and the tone had drastically improved. After a while, you’ll want to just place the mask on the areas where your pores are larger, and then every now-and-then, do the full face mask.

What We Loved

  • Shrinks pores greatly
  • Extremely affordable
  • Improves appearance of skin tone, pore size
  • No animal products or harsh chemicals

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can cause irritation if left for too long
  • Very messy to use

Skinfood Egg White Foam Cleanser – Most Trendy Product

best pore treatment products

About the Product

After reading through various pore minimizer reviews, we felt that we couldn’t not try the Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam Cleanser.

If it seems a little out of the norm for you, that’s probably because it’s actually a KBeauty product! We all know how they’ve exploded in popularity in the western world, and for plenty of good reasons.

Skinfood is actually one of the top Korean brands and has been for well over a decade now. This product is just a testament to why!

This pore minimizer treatment is more than just a pretty face, though. It works to shrink pores into oblivion, all while keeping skin feeling soft, moisturized, and healthy. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, as well as oily skin, so don’t worry about it not “working” with your skin type.

Not only that, but it dives down deep into pores, gently separating oil and dead skin cells, as well as blackheads. The great thing is, if the peel-off masks or clay masks are too strong for you, this is a wonderful alternative that’s very gentle.

In addition to that, it is super easy to use and doesn’t require an army to remove it.

Our Experience

best pore reducer product

For once, we actually weren’t wary of the kind of results we were going to see. We’ve tried various Korean beauty products before, and they’ve all worked amazingly. Seeing as Skinfood is one of their top brands, we knew that they had to be something special.

One of the things we were a bit nervous about, however, was the smell.

Was it going to smell like fried eggs? Or maybe that weird raw egg smell?

The result?

Neither! It actually smells like basically nothing, if not a tiny hint of fragrance added. Despite this, it actually does contain albumen (a.k.a. “egg white”). The reason why they so commonly use albumen in their skincare products, is because it’s a protein that works to effectively stimulate the production of collagen cells. In turn, you’re left with more elastic, tight, smooth skin with tiny pores!

The cleanser is wonderful if you’re in search of one of the best pore tightening products that you can use quickly. It rinses off very easily, and is gentle enough that you don’t have to scrub to get it off.

Overall, if you want to regulate oil production, clean out your pores while tightening them, and getting rid of bacteria overgrowth, check the Egg White Foam Cleanser out!

What We Loved

  • Very easy, quick product to use
  • Tightens pores and increases skin elasticity
  • Unique design and concept
  • Doesn’t have any overwhelming fragrances

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for vegans

Leven Rose Moroccan Rose Water – Editor’s Pick

best pore reducing product

About the Product

We’re not going to lie; after using the last product, we felt like it was going to be pretty hard to compete with that, but that was until we actually came across the Leven Rose Moroccan Rose Water.

If you’re looking to improve the look of your skin, while cleansing naturally and minimizing the appearance of your pores, then you’ll want to sit down for this one.

Most of us know already that toners are excellent in terms of shrinking pores, but not all of us are aware that rose water can also be used as a toner. That’s right! If you want an all-natural toner, free of unnecessary, harsh chemicals, then check this beauty out.

What is rosewater?

It’s a beauty product that’s survived centuries, if not thousands of years of consistent use to achieve stunning, healthy, bright skin. While it works well with any skin type, those with sensitive or very dry skin are most likely to see the most drastic results.

The water works to get rid of acne-causing bacteria, while also cleansing the skin of makeup and excess oil. However, it doesn’t strip the skin of its necessary oil, like so many other toners do. You can use it after a cleanser, but we’ve honestly found it works well just on its own!

What exactly does it have that makes it work so effectively?

Think powerful antioxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, D, and B6. They all work together to leave the skin clear, healthy, calm, and youthful. If you’re struggling with general irritation, rose water works wonders at soothing.

You can also use it as so much more than just a facial cleanser!

Use it in a face mask, use it as an aftershave to reduce inflammation and soothe irritation, reduce puffiness around the eyes, and even use it as a hair wash to give it newfound shine and hydration!

Our Experience

best products to minimize pores

We absolutely loved the Rose Leven Moroccan Rosewater; so much, in fact, that it made our Editor’s Pick! This time around, with so many incredible products, we had a difficult time in doing so, but this one rose to the top.

To be honest, we figured that such a natural product wouldn’t be strong enough to give us the results we desired. Boy, were we wrong.

In fact, we saw results literally after one use. Smooth skin, clean pores, small pores after a few uses, and an overall improvement in skin tone. It’s 100% natural, with no alcohol, glycerin, artificial fragrances, nor parabens. It’s also vegan-friendly, so it’s available to a large consumer base, and doesn’t include any harsh ingredients.

The first time we opened it, we experienced a light rose smell with some grassy/herbal notes, which wasn’t overwhelming, but if you don’t like the smell of roses, you may want to go for the Aztec Clay Mask, as it doesn’t have much of a scent, and still provides similar results while being all-natural, too!

Made directly from roses, it’s not an oil, but rather an essential water, or “hydrosol”, which is made by steam-distilling the rose in its entirety to get the full benefits of all of the vitamins and tannins the flower holds.

After a couple of weeks or so of regular use, we definitely saw a better pH balance. This is due to its naturally oil-regulating properties. Our skin never felt like it was stripped of essential oils, never felt greasy, but always felt smooth.

Do you happen to have some age spots or general hyperpigmented areas on your skin? It can even help fade them. Really, no matter what kind of state your skin is in, we suggest giving this stuff a try.

Anything we didn’t like?

Only just the fact that the smell isn’t going to please everyone. Other than that, we were completely satisfied.

What We Loved

  • 100% natural product with no artificial fragrances, parabens, glycerin, nor animal products
  • Balances pH of skin and hair, fades dark spots, shrinks pores, and hydrates skin
  • Works with all skin types
  • Very gentle, easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not everyone will enjoy the rose scent

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum – Best Product for Premature Aging

best pore shrinking products
Are you in need of a product that is not only going to minimize your pores, but also help you look younger?

We’ll admit that there aren’t too many products that fit that description out there, but the TruSKin Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum sure is one of them!

We were curious to see how well a pore minimizer serum would perform and to be honest, this was the only one we felt worthy to put on our list. It’s gentle on aging/sensitive skin, as there aren’t any harsh chemicals or unnecessary fillers in the formula.

The product is a US-made serum, and is also FDA-approved. The cruelty-free product comes in 1 fluid ounce (30mm), which isn’t much, admittedly, but is pretty typical for a serum. Oh, and if for whatever reason you aren’t completely satisfied, the company does offer a 100% refund!

Let’s talk a bit more about the ingredients, however.

This product is made with Botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, along with Vitamin C to help target age spots, fine lines wrinkles, and sunspots. Together, they work to fight these visible signs of aging, to give you brighter, fresher-looking skin with improved tone. Not only that, but you’ll see your pores becoming smaller, will see fewer pimples and blemishes, and will even see a boost in collagen production.

As it’s free of all synthetic colors, fragrances, and stabilizers, you don’t have to worry about any possible allergic reactions due to having sensitive skin. Instead, they provide your skin with soothing/anti-aging ingredients such as Aloe Vera, MSM, Witch Hazel, and organic Jojoba Oil.

Keep in mind when applying, that the serum is highly-concentrated.

You’re only going to need 3 to 5 drops followed by a moisturizer, daily, and you’ll begin to see results. For optimal results, you’ll want to wait at least a few weeks of daily use. Definitely don’t use more than that.

So, was there anything we didn’t like?

Yes; the smell! It was a bit Witch Hazel-y, but hey, we can get past that.

What We Loved

  • Only a small amount needed
  • Shrinks pores, smooths skin, prevents fine lines/wrinkles
  • All-natural with no harsh chemicals or animal products
  • Very affordable

What We Didn’t Like

  • The smell is strong


pore minimizer products

Now that it’s time to make a decision, we have to mention how much we loved the Leven Rose Moroccan Rose Oil.

It’s all-natural, perfect for vegans and vegetarians, and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals or any irritants, making it great for all skin types; even sensitive and aging skin! The smell is mild, just like the product, itself. It works to soothe skin, shrink pores, while fighting things like wrinkles, age spots, and so on. Not to mention, it’s very affordable. What more could you want?

So, which one of these best pore minimizers will be heading into your beauty bag?

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Rosalind Watson
Rosalind Watson

Rosalind graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and now lives and works as a freelance writer in Utah.

Rosalind Watson

Rosalind graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and now lives and works as a freelance writer in Utah.