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Latest Guides

best control panty 2018 Clothing
December 18, 2018

Best Control Panty 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Feeling a bit bloated? Wishing you had hit the gym a couple more times before that big event? We understand! It isn’t really possible to lose weight in just seconds,…
best belt for women 2018 Accessories
December 18, 2018

Best Belt For Women 2019 – Buying Guide and Belt Reviews

What is the one item that really completes a look? A timeless accessory that not only serves functionally but also as a fashion item? The belt, of course! Women’s belts…
best foot file 2018 Accessories
December 18, 2018

Best Foot File 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Foot File Reviews

Are you searching for rough, callusy feet and heels? Most people aren’t. However, many people have them, because they stand on their feet all day, they work out a lot,…
best hair curler machine for women 2018 Hair
December 18, 2018

Best Hair Curler Machine For Women 2019 – The Complete Buying Guide

If you have naturally straight hair, it’s natural to want curly hair just like those with curly hair desire straight hair. There are just days and special occasions where curly…
hottest ombre hairstyles for long medium and short hair Hair
December 18, 2018

13 Hottest Ombre Hairstyles For Long, Medium and Short Hair for 2019

No matter if you have shoulder-length hair, super short hair, or really long hair, ombre looks gorgeous. An ombre style is a wonderful way to ease into the fully-colored hair.…
best hair chalk 2018 Hair
December 17, 2018

Best Hair Chalk 2019 – Buying Guide and Hair Chalk Reviews

Who wouldn’t want to add some fun and festive colors 'to your hair once in a while? Depending on the mood or occasion, there’s an inner bohemian in each one…
best shapewear 2018 Clothing
November 27, 2018

Best Shapewear 2019 – Buying Guide and Shapewear Reviews

No matter if you’re looking for a full body shaper or something else, it’s important to get one of the best shapewear garments. There are various reasons why women choose…
best purple shampoo for the year Hair
October 27, 2018

Best Purple Shampoo 2019 – Buying Guide and Shampoo Reviews

If you have blonde hair, you know how your hair can become yellow seemingly overnight! In fact, because of this, many women opt out of blonde hair, even though they…
best tea tree oil Hair
October 27, 2018

Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 2019 – Tea Tree Oil Shampoos Reviewed

Whether you have dandruff, an irritated scalp, or simply like the way tea tree oil makes your hair look and feel, you can never go wrong with putting some on…