The Best Gifts for Girlfriends (2022 Reviews)

No matter what the occasion is, if you have a girlfriend, you’re probably going to want to get her a nice gift; be it a holiday, her birthday, or any other celebration.

However, we all know that a gift to our girlfriends aren’t like a gift to anyone else. They should be special, and be something that will make her happy and know that we care about her. If you’re looking for the best gifts for girlfriends, you’re in the right place. Without further ado, we present to you the best!

The 5 Best Gifts For Girlfriends To Buy In 2022

ProductTypeAt a Glance 
Anjou Bath Bombs Gift Set VeganBath BombsSet of 6 colorful/vegan bath bombs, exploding with essential oils, great aroma, made from an array of dried flowers
Urban Decay Naked PaletteEyeshadow PaletteMagnetic closure, beautiful array of warm shades, very highly pigmented, mattes/shimmers/satins/sparkles, universally-flattering, long-lasting, great wear time, easily blendable
Nike Women’s Juvenate Running ShoeRunning ShoeComes in a huge variety of colors, made of leather/synthetic leather/or textile, foam sole, lightweight shoe, pull tabs for easy on/off, sockless no-tongue, cushy foam midsole, waffle traction pattern, fashionable
What I Love About You Book (Editor’s Favorite)BookContains fill-in-the-blank lines, unique and personal gift, hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket, can be a funny and sweet option
Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo TurntableTurntableGreat for music lovers/djs, fully automatic, 2-speed, anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter, DC servo motor, built-in switchable phono pre-amp with RCA output cables, Integral Dual Magnet phono cartridge, replaceable diamond stylus

Now that you’ve had the chance to do a quick overview of each of the best gifts for girlfriends, you’re probably interested in reading more about some of them. Scroll down a bit further, where you’ll find in-depth reviews about each of these gifts!

Anjou Bath Bombs – Best Luxury Product

gifts for girlfriend
Looking for a small gift idea for your girlfriend that is sweet, simple, and luxurious? Look no further than the Anjou Vegan Bath Bomb Set.

The set comes with 6 bombs that create some fizzy bubble bath fun. They’re exploding with essential oils, that will make the bath both smell good and feel delightful. The oils work to help hydrate the skin while giving off soothing benefits.

Let her enjoy a relaxing spa day in the comfort of her own home with this unique bath bomb gift set. Each one is scented differently, and include flower petals to make for not only a relaxing bath but a beautiful one.

What are they made out of?

Primarily, an assortment of dried flowers, however, they’ve also included the essential oils that we mentioned above. Blended with ingredients such as peppermint, sweet orange, lemon, rose, lavender, or citronella, she’ll be experiencing a relaxing aromatherapy session in no time.

The scents are not overpowering and are very natural-smelling. They moisturize just enough, without leaving the skin feeling greasy or anything like that.

Each of the bombs are vegan as well, so if she is vegan or just cares about that sort of thing, then this is a great option for a little love gift for her.

What We Loved

  • All-vegan products
  • Includes 6 different scents with natural flower petals
  • Essential oils smell wonderful and moisturize the skin

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal if she doesn’t have a bathtub

Urban Decay Naked Palette – Best Product for Makeup Lovers

girlfriend gift ideas
If you want a real romantic surprise for your girlfriend, you can never go wrong with some makeup. Even if she’s not a huge makeup fan, we guarantee she’s heard of or at least wanted the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

We all know that Urban Decay has been producing some of the high-quality makeup products for a while now, and have gathered an almost cult following, with good reason!

The universally-flattering bronze-colored shades allow for a wide variety of looks, depending on your mood and outfit!

With the wide array of finishes (matte, satin, shimmer, and sparkle), the original Naked palette takes neutrals to a level we’ve never seen before.

She can easily go from work to a night downtown seamlessly, as the shades vary from soft and light, to dark and sultry.

What shades does it include?

good gifts for girlfriend

Virgin (cool pale/beige satin), Sin (pale nude shimmer), Naked (nude matte), Sidecar (beige shimmer with silver micro-glitter), Buck (fawn brown matte), Half Baked (golden bronze shimmer), Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer), Darkhorse (deep mocha shimmer), Toasted (antique copper penny shimmer), Hustle (plum-brown satin), Creep (onyx shimmer with gold sparkle), and Gunmetal (dark metallic gray shimmer with silver micro-glitter).

It also comes with a double-ended shadow/blending brush. One side is a bit longer and is great for wider surface areas, while the other is better for really upping the pigmentation and intensity.

The downside?

It is a bit more expensive. However, considering how long-lasting and durable each application is, the actual price per application is quite reasonable.

What We Loved

  • Very high-quality product
  • Comes with a wide array of different shades
  • Can go easily from night to day looks
  • Very long lasting

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal if she doesn’t like makeup

Nike Juvenate – Best Product for Active Girls

cute gifts for girlfriend
If you and your girlfriend like being active, going on adventures, or traveling, then this is a wonderful option to get for her. Everyone likes Nikes, and if they say they don’t, then they probably work for Adidas.

The Nike Women’s Juvenate is a thoughtful gift for girlfriends, as they are comfy, fashionable, and get the job done.

They’re not necessarily ideal for heavy-duty working out such as sprinting or doing squats, as the grip on the bottom is pretty minimal. However, if she looks like she could use a new pair of comfy shoes, then check these out!

They’re a great option if she’s on her feet a lot or if you guys do a lot of traveling together. It features a lightweight foam sole so they don’t tire the legs out after walking long distances. They also feature pull tabs so she can take them on or off quickly without having to struggle.

The cushy foam midsole is great for long wear time, and the sockless no-tongue design works to help eliminate any sore points that could cause blisters or chafing. The waffle traction pattern on the rubber sole helps to hold onto the ground better in slippery situations.

What We Loved

  • Great, casual, fashionable design
  • Perfect for traveling or use while standing for long periods of time
  • Cushy foam midsole with sockless no-tongue design is very comfortable
  • Very lightweight shoe

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for extreme workouts

What I Love About You Book – Editor’s Favorite

gifts to get your girlfriend
Searching for one of the most romantic gifts for your girlfriend out there? Then you have to check out the “What I Love About You” book!

It’s a unique gift, in that it’s up to you to personalize it and fill it with memories and feelings that are special just between the two of you.

This book made our favorite, for many reasons.

One is due to the fact that it’s so romantic and sweet. It’s not a huge gesture, but it is something that will mean a lot to her. It’s personalized, which is so hard to do sometimes, and is something you can both look back on together for fun. In addition, it’s very inexpensive, which is great for the wallet!

The tiny book contains various fill-in-the-blanks describing some aspect of your affection for her. All you have to do is simply fill in the line and you’ll begin telling a story of your love! The great part is, you can make it as funny or romantic as you’d like; there’s room for your own personality and feelings to shine through!

The simple prompts make it easy to tell her things that you may have a hard time doing, otherwise. The book is a hardcover with a removable clear plastic jacket, so you can be assured it will last a long time.

What We Loved

  • Very romantic, sweet little gift
  • Hardcover with removable plastic jacket makes it long-lasting
  • Completely personable, unique gift for the two of you
  • Great way to express your feelings with ease

What We Didn’t Like

  • The book is very tiny

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Turntable – Best Product for Music Lovers

top gift for girlfriend
Recently, there’s been a huge uptick in analog media usage. This stems from the clubs all the way to casual home use. This also means, that if she’s a music lover, she’s going to want a turntable sooner or later.

Audio Technica is a brand respected by DJs, audio engineers, and musicians, alike. They consistently produce some of the highest-quality music products while keeping their prices affordable.

Keep in mind that this turntable is a belt-driven table rather than a direct drive, so it’s not the most reliable out there, however, given the low price, it’s definitely an amazing deal that will provide hours of listening pleasure.

best girlfriend gifts

If you’re both new to using turntables, you’ll love the fully-automatic operation. That means you don’t have to worry about placing the stylus on precious records, as the table will do it on its own. It will also automatically take back the tonearm once the record ends. It supports 33-1/3 and 45 RPMs. In addition, it features a high-quality audio technical cartridge.

It also comes with a removable hinged dust cover, as well.

What We Loved

  • Great for music lovers
  • Perfect for beginners to the analog music world
  • Complete automatic operation
  • High-quality audio technical cartridge with diamond stylus

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for those who don’t like collecting records

Best Gifts for Girlfriends Buying Guide

No matter which of the best gifts for your girlfriend you decide on, the most important factors are that she is actually interested in it, or you make sure it means something. Don’t just get her something that you’ll think she likes because “girls like the color pink”, etcetera.

Make sure it’s something she has shown interest in or mentioned in the past.

If not, make sure it’s something romantic, such as the What I Love About You Book.


We definitely loved each of the best gifts for girlfriends on our list but there was one that really stood out to us: the What I Love About You Book.

It is inexpensive so even on the off chance that she doesn’t like it, you won’t be out a ton of money. It’s small, which makes it easy to hide until you give it to her, and it has a hardback cover to ensure it lasts a long time.

It’s completely personalized, which is the most important part. All you have to do is solely fill in the blanks, and you have yourself your own love story for your loved one. This is a great and easy way to show her how you really feel without doing something outrageous.

So, which one of these best gifts for girlfriends will you be giving to her?

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Rosalind Watson
Rosalind Watson

Rosalind graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and now lives and works as a freelance writer in Utah.

Rosalind Watson

Rosalind graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and now lives and works as a freelance writer in Utah.