The 11 Hottest Pixie Haircuts For 2022

So, you’re thinking about switching things up and getting a pixie haircut. Congratulations! This is pretty much the shortest you can go in terms of hairstyles, so really think about it. However, it’s a life-changing cut that will cut down the time it takes to get your hair ready, all while looking hot!

There are a ton of different options out there when it comes to the pixie cut, and it all depends on your hair, your face shape, and of course, your preferences! We have taken it all into consideration and made this list of the coolest pixie hairstyles. So, let’s get started!

Layered Short Pixie

short spiky haircuts for women

Are you looking for thick hair pixie cuts but feeling limited? Try this next look: if you have thick hair, this look will only compliment it! This particular look is extremely short, so if you don’t have time to spend more than 5 to 10 minutes a day on your hair, or just need it out of your face for any reason, you’ll love this one.

You’ll see that it’s texturized around the neck and sides, but still retains some volume at the top for a flirty look.

Layered Long Cut

If you’re not quite ready for such a shortcut, that’s okay! This messy pixie cut is much longer than most and gives you more versatility than you would have with a shorter one. It’s a cute, simple way to be voluminous and give a very textured look. How to achieve the look? Simply use your fingers in place of a brush or comb, and use the hair product of your choosing to separate the hair into subtle sections to get the style below.

short haircuts for older women

Sleek Pixie Cut

Are you looking for a truly sophisticated yet simple look? Perhaps you’re done with hair always getting in your face, whether that’s during sports, the workday, or while chasing the dog. A slick, super-short pixie cut is ultra-easy to maintain, and just takes the use of gel or wax to secure the style in place. We recommend making sure to push a bit at the roots with your fingers to give a bit more of a natural look and avoid that “stuck to your head” look.

short hairstyles for thick hair

Fashion/Voluminous Look

Next up is a gorgeous, short, choppy pixie haircut that fashionistas are going to love, but that looks good on just about anyone. As previously mentioned, it’s really important with pixies that there is a good amount of volume, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a helmet or like it looks oily/flat.

pixie cut with bangs

With this look, the volume is a huge part of it. Create volume by using a comb and some hair products like gel, wax, or even hairspray (but we prefer wax). Simply tease/lift some sections away from your head, to create a natural look that makes it look like you were caught in a windstorm (in a good way).

Pixie with Bangs

On the hunt for a long pixie cut with bangs? Perhaps you have thick hair and want something low-maintenance? This right here should be one you don’t scroll past.

textured pixie cut

Texturization is super important with short haircuts like this one. If you have thick hair, this will be a bit easier to achieve, but it’s not a rule. Make sure to ask your stylist to texturize your hair as much as they can, and also help show you how to style it for the day-to-day look you’re going for.

Long and Messy

If you have an oval face shape or a square face shape/sharp jaw, this will look great on you! This long, messy pixie cut is boyish yet flattering in all the right ways. If you have thinner hair, this is a look that consistently looks good, with little work needed.

pixie cuts for thick hair

This look is traditionally a bit more “girly” given the fact that it does feature long bangs. Some women just don’t like the idea of not having bangs or something to cover their forehead. This choice gives you the option of styling your bangs in a variety of methods to add some intrigue/versatility to your cut.

Best Cut for Round Faces

This long pixie bob is super cute, that even celebrities have been spotted sporting it. It’s low-maintenance, stays out of your face well, and obviously looks gorgeous! If you have a round face, this is one of the best pixie cuts for you.

new pixie haircuts 2019

Some may feel that it’s difficult to pull off this hairstyle which is longer in every way, but if done right, they can compliment you everywhere you need. Long pixie cuts are great for those with either thin or thick hair and works great on most face shapes. It’s important to keep the cut smooth and tamed with some kind of product to make sure you don’t get all kinds of flyaways.

Layered Long Pixie

Take a tip from Victoria Beckham, and try this layered, long pixie out. It seems to never go out of style; probably because it’s downright adorable and ultra-convenient. It is one of those that truly looks just as good in the back as it does in the front.

short pixie haircuts for women over 50

This look is one of those that look best with thicker hair, but those with thin hair can also pull it off if done correctly. Make sure you use wax to separate individual pieces subtly and give some volume. If you wish to add even more dimension, add some highlights on the top layers.

layered haircuts for women

Pixie Bob

Are you feeling a little edgy? If you want to go for the bad girl look, or you just simply like longer pixies, then check out this long pixie bob. It works extremely well for oval and more delicate, long faces since it helps to emphasize the soft curves.

short spikey hairstyles for women

The ear-level cut on one side is asymmetrically balanced out by the longer side, and together they create a gorgeous, artistic look. This look should have a lot of volume so it doesn’t look flat against the head, and looks better with the longer side in contrast to the short side.

Platinum Pixie with Undercut

This long pixie cut is ultra-trendy right now; probably the trendiest of all on our list. The undercut looks modern, edgy, yet fashionable enough for just about anyone to pull off.

top short hairstyles

Keep your look current with a close cut or shaven back. You could even extend the close cut to the sides, instead of keeping it just exclusive to the back. Make sure to maintain the longer top with a fun style that’s piecy or textured. We personally love the platinum color combination that is sure to turn heads.

So, now that you’ve gone through the 11 hottest pixie haircuts, which one is the perfect one for you? Try to pick one according to your face shape and hair thickness primarily, but it’s equally important to select a look that expresses who you are as an individual, something that is going to make you feel more confident and beautiful, and one that will be easy for you to manage (unless you’re willing to put in extra effort in the mornings to get ready).

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Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb

A little over a year ago, Jennifer quit her job as a PR consultant to backpack through Europe and Southeast Asia, where she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched JustWomanThings.

Jennifer Webb

A little over a year ago, Jennifer quit her job as a PR consultant to backpack through Europe and Southeast Asia, where she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched JustWomanThings.