The Best Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginners

So, you wear makeup; great! Most of us do so – not because we feel that we need to, but rather because we like changing up our looks, we like the artistic expression of it, and an array of other reasons.

However, eyeshadow, out of all of the makeup products, is the one that typically takes the most time, practice, and patience to truly master. Lipstick is easy to apply when you pretty much just have to color in the lines, and the foundation is fairly straightforward. However, perfecting various eyeshadow looks can require a few tips and tricks to get just right.

With that being said, we have all of the best eyeshadow tutorials for beginners for you coming to you right now!

The Absolute Beginner

So, you’re literally an absolute beginner; like, this is your first time applying eyeshadow, or you’ve tried applying it before, but it didn’t look the way you’d hoped it would. If that’s you, then check this one out:

It is going to not only show you how to apply eyeshadow perfectly every time, but how to blend, how you hold the brush and some other valuable “beginner hacks”. We actually learned quite a bit from this tutorial, and we have quite a bit of experience!

If you just couldn’t get enough beginner hacks and want some more, then check out this very detailed, informational video:

This one gives you a bit more detail than the first one and will take you through each tiny step or tip that may be missed.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re someone who can follow instructions well but may take things and interpret them in your own style, resulting in some unsatisfactory eyeshadow results, then you may want to check this one out. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us “no”, for us to really get it into our head what we’re supposed to be doing.

It’s great to see the contrast between the two looks, so you can really see what you should be doing. In addition, you’ll receive a ton of useful tips to help take your look to the next level.

And just to really drill it in there, let’s go ahead and take a look at this third video;

You’ll get a load of tips and tricks, and obviously what not to do when applying your eyeshadow.


As you may or may not already know, blending is a huge part, if not the most important part, of creating beautiful eyeshadow looks. This video is sort of quickened, condensed version of how to blend your eyeshadow perfectly. While it does take you through the most important steps, this is like the speedy overview version.

The next is the longer, more detailed version, which is great if you really crave the knowledge of knowing everything about blending. This vlogger takes us through truly every tiny step; even how to properly angle your brush to get the look you want!

Matte Looks

Matte eyeshadow looks are great for your everyday makeup creations; they’re the ones that you could wear on a daily basis: to work, to lunch, to a doctor’s appointment, etcetera, without worrying about the look being too “over-the-top”.

While it may look simple enough, it’s not always easy for some people to get it just the way they want it. For those of you who feel like stepping up your matte skills, check this tutorial out:

Our other favorite was this soft, matte smokey eye tutorial that’s very simple, but elegant and pretty. It’s a look that looks very subtle with a light-colored lip but can also be dramatized with a darker lip with no problem.

Cut Crease

If you’re into makeup at all, you’ve probably hurt the “cut crease” before. The name is pretty literal, but the look does appear a bit complicated and can be intimidating for beginners. If you want an easy way to create the gorgeous look, you’ll want to watch this one all the way through from beginning to end!

This next one is another trendy look, but is unique with its use of white shadow:

Smokey Eye

We all know that the smokey eye looks amazing on just about everyone; so why do so few actually use it? Maybe because it can be intimidating! Not really to wear; more to apply. It can easily get out of hand with so much shadow being used; especially if we’re talking about black shadow like what’s used in this next tutorial:

Luckily, she does a great job of taking you step-by-step through each process, making sure you’re successful in your smokey eye endeavors!

The next video here:

is another one related to the smokey eye, but really places its focus on blending. Blending is arguably the most important part of the smokey eye and is what makes it, well…smokey-looking. Take a look and never appear like a raccoon again!

Halo Eyeshadow

Another super-trendy eyeshadow look that we have our eyes on? The Halo Eyeshadow look. This one is another many beginners have written off their list, due to how easy it can be to completely mess up the look, and how difficult it can be to get just right. This 1:00 super-fast video does a good job at showing us how to get it right:

For many of us, we want a lot more than just a minute. If that’s you, then take a look at this next video:

It’s super-detailed, and will let you know literally every step to take to create a gorgeous halo eyeshadow look! Take this “Halo Bootcamp” and be prepared to be impressed with yourself!

Hooded Eyes

Do you have hooded eyes? If so, you may find that you’re having some difficulties with creating some of the looks seen above. These tips and tutorial work for hooded eyes and slanted eyes, so you can get some gorgeous results tailored exactly to your eye shape!

Now, if that one was a bit too quick for you, we have a more detailed guide for you here that will walk you through a full 10 minutes of tips and tricks to work with hooded/downturned eyes!


Now that you’ve had a look at each of these eyeshadow tutorials for beginners, we won’t hold you up too much longer. We’re sure you’re anxious to get started and get those eyes popping! However, it is necessary to remember that there are really no “rules” when it comes to makeup. In the end, do what makes you feel and look good!

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Jennifer Webb
Jennifer Webb

A little over a year ago, Jennifer quit her job as a PR consultant to backpack through Europe and Southeast Asia, where she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched JustWomanThings.

Jennifer Webb

A little over a year ago, Jennifer quit her job as a PR consultant to backpack through Europe and Southeast Asia, where she decided to turn her passion into a business and launched JustWomanThings.